Matsumidori Bekkaku


Bekkaku, at the pinnacle of the Matsumidori brand,
meaning "a class of its own."


Matsumidori is our trade name as well as the name of our sake long beloved by the local population.
This local sake, a brew born from the local climate and culture, has created a storied history as it has been passed down for generations.

Exceptional sake requires an exceptional brewing process
Exceptional sake requires an exceptional brewing process
The careful polishing of the rice.
By taking our time and polishing in small volumes we are able to suppress the generation of heat and prevent cracks in the rice.
We polish the rice to a 40% ratio over three days and three nights. This is the cornerstone of our sake brewing process.
Its standards are bekkaku
In order to exceed the quality standards of
our own brewery, we are scrupulous about brewing in small volumes.
Only sake handmade from start to finish that exceeds all of the independent criteria established by our brewery
is bestowed with the Matsumidori Bekkaku label.

Pressed with the shizukuzake tobingakoi process, the sake mash is hung in bags that allow the liquid to drip out naturally,
which allows the final flavor of the sake to be clear and free of impurities and bitterness.
The sake collected in the tobin bottles is then bottled and heat pasteurized. Identifying the right timing for this process is crucial.
Of all our products, the most time and labor intensive, meticulously brewed sake made from the most discriminating ingredients is Matsumidori Bekkaku.

With our intimate knowledge of rice, we are able to bring out the full extent of the flavor in this masterpiece.
It is truly “bekkaku,” a class of its own.
Its history is bekkaku
The Matsumidori brand is a testament to the trust shown by local residents since long ago.
As the pinnacle of the Matsumidori brand, Matsumidori Bekkaku is a choice sake with more than 100 years of history.
Too special to even present at competitions, this sake is truly a unique and well-hidden treasure.

Junmai Daiginjo

Matsumidori Bekkaku
1.8L /

Shizukuzake Tobingakoi (Sake drip-filtered into a glass jar). Carefully selected Yamada Nishiki rice is thoroughly polished and then pressed over time. It maintains the true depth and robust aroma of the rice. The rich umami of the sake permeates after an initial elegant sweetness and the hint of tartness has a long pervasive tail.

Rice Yamada Nishiki
Polishing ratio 40%
Alcohol content 17%
Sake meter value ±0
Acidity 1.5
Depth Slightly light
Sweetness Slightly sweet
Serving temperature 10 – 15 degrees Celsius
Complementary dishes Seared medium fatty tuna, scallops grilled with miso and butter, bouillabaisse, ichigoni (simmered sea urchin and abalone)

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