23 January 2018

Hirosaki Festival in Tokyo! Featuring Saito Sake Brewery and a harp performance by Aomori native Kanako Ono

Our recently released Rokkon Tiger’s Eye Namazake and Nama-genshu, and Rokkon Onyx Namazake sakes have r…

18 January 2018

Saito Sake Brewery will appear on local Aomori TV!

Aomori Televsion Broadcasting Co.’s program “Wacchi!” will feature Saito Sake Brewery’…

11 January 2018

Happy New Year

We thank you for your support and continued patronage throughout 2017. We hope to count on your support in 201…

11 January 2018

Namazake and Nama Genshu are here!

Using 100% Hanafubuki rice from Aomori, we are proud to release Rokkon Tiger’s Eye Unfiltered Nama Gensh…

30 November 2017

Outfitting the garden for the long winter

After the initial sudden snowfall melted, the brewery has enlisted special workers to outfit the garden and gr…

30 November 2017

Colors of the Four Seasons

With the changing of the seasons, the tranquil and emotive garden located on Saito Shuzo’s grounds shows…

24 November 2017

Saito Sake Brewery attends Kosherfest 2017 in New Jersey

Members from Saito Sake Brewery traveled from Hirosaki to New Jersey to exhibit at Kosher Fest 2017, the world…

24 November 2017

Rokkon Tiger’s Eye is awarded a Gold Medal!

At the recent Off Tokyo Meetup 2017 event held on November 11th, Saito Sake Brewery’s Rokkon Tiger&#8217…

24 November 2017

Saito Sake Brewery at OFF TOKYO MEETUP 2017

On November 11th, Saito Sake Brewery participated in Off Tokyo Meetup 2017, an event featuring exceptional reg…

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